Janet Walker Expressive Arts Therapist

Artistic Activity

My intensive contemporary dance training  took place in Québec, Vancouver and The Netherlands.  I’ve done additional workshops, intensives, and mentoring in historical dance, social dance forms and world dance styles, as well as physical training in clown, bouffon, mask,  physical theatre, and voice work.  As a performer, I am most interested in interdisciplinary work that blurs that lines between traditional art forms; dance-theatre and theatre-dance, vocal-body work, and public participatory art making.  I think that community dance performances as well as social dancing are  as valuable as dance performed by professional dancers for audiences.  I have done  a bit of both, and I think as individuals and as a society we can  benefit  the most when we appreciate and support  trained artists and their achievements, and  at the same time, consider ourselves to be artists and dance with   our children, friends, in community, and in public non-professional shows or festivals.

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Performance Highlights

  • International Theatre School Festival, (Amsterdam), Performance Symposium (Bristol, UK), HKA Festival (Arnhem, The Netherlands), Vancouver Fringe Festival, Radix Theatre, Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance and Improvisation, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver Early Music Festival, 12 Minutes Max, Spontaneous Combustions and Link Community Dance Series.

  • Greater Vancouver Historical Performance Society, performer of accurate Renaissance and Baroque dance and songs in period garments, 1997-present.

  • True North Performance Society, performer of interdisciplinary work involving dance, theatre and voice in site-specific works and pieces made for theatre and festivals, 1992-2006.

  • Jie Delights! founding member and performer in an interactive trio of dancing sprites that animates and enlivens community art festivals and special events, 1999-2008.

  • Foolish Operations Ensemble, performer with my children in a dance group exploring a practice called "Dancing the Parenting" through structured improvisation and ensemble thinking, 2012-2016.