Janet Walker Expressive Arts Therapist



BC Expressive Arts Therapy Community

How do I keep fresh and engaged in the work I do?  One of the ways I do this is by organizing and participating in regular meetings with my Expressive Arts peers where we can practice Expressive Arts together.  This practice allows me to experience Expressive Arts as the giver and the receiver, to put myself into my clients’ shoes and feel what it is like to be faced with the blank page and not know where to start. Meeting other Expressive Arts Therapists who work in varied contexts (schools, prisons, hospitals, agencies, private practices) also provides an opportunity to share ideas and expertise in using an arts-based approach to mental and physical health with many types of clients.  

For Therapists

The BC Expressive Arts Therapy community list was created to help therapists network and  collaborate together.  It is a list compiled by an  Expressive Arts Therapist for other Expressive Arts Therapists, and as such, it  is not a registered body or an official organisation.  

The purpose of the list is two-fold:  first, to facilitate a community of practice in our field, and second,  to share information with  our colleagues.   If you are organizing an EXA  open studio   session or peer meeting  and would like to open the invitation to other EXA practitioners, or if you have  announcements  that are specifically EXA-related such as  job opportunities, shared office and studio space, or training and professional development opportunities, you may wish to send a message to people on this list. 

If you have training in Expressive Arts  and  you are an Expressive Arts Therapist, Expressive Arts Educator or Expressive Arts Social Change Agent, email me if you would like to add your name to the list.